LLC «Reliable Tools and Well Services» QHSE policy statement

The policy of LLC «Reliable Tools and Well Services» in the area of implementation of a QHSE management system strives to protecting and encouraging the safety and well-being of its employees, clients, subcontractors, visitors, and of course, the environment.

All employees of LLC “Reliable Tools and Well Services” are a joint team responsible for ensuring the implementation of the QHSE management system developed and supported to the highest standards. We conduct our entire business activity in such a manner to meet those high aspirations, which are declared and expressed in our corporate policy and approaches to creation of working environment. We have been very successful with controlling risks and challenges in the area of industrial labor safety on purpose to prevent occupational injuries and diseases through proper and thorough planning of our work, professional training of our employees the developed QHSE system, the correct and timely identification of possible hazards along with various inspections and investigation of incidents.
Training and development of the employees of LLC «Reliable Tools and Well Services» are an important part of the implementation of the safety system in our company. The leadership of the company is responsible for arranging the training of the employees, thereby giving the employees a thorough knowledge and ability to protect themselves and others from potential harm to their health and lives. The Supervisors who work at LLC «Reliable Tools and Well Services» are accountable for ensuring that all parties involved in the workflow on the rig site, get the necessary knowledge and equipment to prevent and counter the risks they may face at their working places. We strictly follow the clearly policy, practices and procedures in the QHSE area, which in all cases meet or even surpass the legal requirements relevant to the legislation in this field.  Our employees are enough qualified and have the approved right to clearly identify any potential risks and hazards, and in case of any uncertainty to refuse from any work which may lead to unreasonable risk to the life and health of workers and visitors. Our proactive attitude, respect and observance in the area of QHSE make our company a safe and reliable partner for everyone as we try to maintain as low as possible the number of accidents at rig sites and provide a healthy, comfortable, injury-free workplace.
We will continue promoting the highest safety standards established in the oil & gas industry and will remain committed to the ultimate objective to have no harm to personnel and the environment during the execution of our activities.

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